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JR stylist

Go from being an assistant to a stylist in 3-6 months! Our six month training program is designed to build your knowledge, target your hands-on cutting and coloring skills, grow your interpersonal abilities and get you on the floor working with clients within your first three months at Julianna Salon.

This job is ideal for cosmetologists right out of school looking to grow with a strong team in a fast-paced, fun work environment. Assistants that put the time in to grow during their training months will have the opportunity to advance to a commission level stylists within the first year of employment.

Advanced Hairstylist

This position is for an experienced stylist with an eye for accuracy and a creative drive. Hair Stylist duties include consulting clients on hairstyling options, describing the benefits of different hair care products, and working with clients.Additionally, candidates need to be expert "people persons" to attract and retain long-term customers.

Join our team of stylists in a fast-paced, fun work environment! Experience top-tier commission rates and exceptional career advancement at Julianna Salon. No clientele needed, we have a host of clients that are looking for the right stylist for them.

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